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Introducing the GUNCLIP™, an entirely new approach to carrying and deploying a handgun. Any light, any suppressor, any platform, any orientation, any situation. Even if you’re in a cramped vehicle or wearing an armored vest with a gun on your belt, the  GUNCLIP™ allows you to deploy your handgun and get on target. Fast. And its small size means minimal weight and space is taken up when not in use.

A single adjustment sets rotation (360 degrees) and securely clamps the mount to almost any platform (belt or MOLLE). Fits belts up to 2 inches tall. Currently available for all GLOCK® 17, 19, 22, and 23 pistols. Right hand mount. Other models available soon. Patents pending. Made in US from US materials.

  • Allows use of nearly any light, suppressor, and/or sight
  • Mount is compatible with all MOLLE platforms and belts up to 2” tall
  • Quickly opens by unsnapping the retention tab while reaching for handgun
  • Retention flap immediately releases and weapon can be instantly detached
  • Single adjustment sets rotation angle (360°)
  • Simple, one-handed operation to re-secure handgun
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