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The Wilcox G30 Helmet Mount with Lanyard is a permanently fixed mount that securely locks the NVG onto any helmet drilled with a standard three-hole configuration.

Allows an operator to attach an AN/PVS-7A, 7C, 15 or 18 NVG to a helmet. Custom interfaces allow the additional mounting of an AN/PVS-7B and 14 NVG.

The G30 mount offers several adjustment points to create a precise fit and allows the operator to flip the NVG’s out of the way when not being used.


  • Maintains a very low profile on the helmet
  • Dovetail shoe interface securely locks NVG’s into place
  • Lightweight/low profile three hole fixed bracket shroud
  • Flip mechanism allows NVG to be stowed while not in use
  • Several points of adjustment for proper eye relief
  • Compatible with three-hole drilled helmets


  • Weight: 6.02 oz. / 170 g
  • Height Adjust: 0.9" Total Vertical Travel
  • View to Stow: 130º Travel
  • Finite Tilt: 0°-20° Tilt
  • Fore/Aft Travel: 1.100'' Total Fore/Aft Travel
  • Accommodates: AN/PVS-7A, AN/PVS-7C (Direct Mount) AN/PVS-7B*, AN/PVS-14*, AN/PVS-15*, AN/PVS-18*, AN/PVS-21*, BNVD*, BNVD-G*
  • Wilcox P/N: 28300G30-B (Black), 28300G30-T (Tan)
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